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Top 5 songs to listen to before a game

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#5 “Desert Eagle” by Felly (Feat. Gyyps)


This under-the-radar jam is one that really gets me into a game mode before a big game. The use of a slow beat really builds up the emotion Felly uses in the song. The combination of the two voices tells the same story and pushes the listener to turn the volume up. “Think that I need need him I know that I need him/I’m praying on my knees yuh,” this line in the song reminds me that everyday is a blessing when you’re doing what you and gets me ready to go and get a dub.

#4 “Understand” by Lil Uzi Vert

This masterpiece starts out with a hook the lets you know Lil Uzi is about melt your headphones. The song really starts with a huge bass drop and it just gets you going. The one part in this song that really gets me focused on my game is when he says, “I understand that next year I’ll be XXL,” this is because Lil Uzi knows he is the best and he is gonna let people know. Several Lil Uzi Vert songs get me hype for a game but this one takes the cake.

#3 “Makaveli” by Tory Lanez

This song starts with a nice tempo leading into a verse with a booming bass drop. Tory Lanez electrifying voice adds to the dark tone of the song. The beat produced by Play Picasso is heavy and gives the song the hype feel. The part in the song that really touches me is when he says “Bandana around my head like I’m Makaveli,” this is because he is referring to Tupac who is seen as one of the greatest rappers of all time. I respect Tory Lanez a lot for this song and hope he continues to strive for greatest just like Tupac.

#2 “New Level” A$AP Ferg (Feat. Future)

This song comes from Ferg’s new album “Always Strive and Prosper” which was a great album. I really enjoy the beginning of this song which sends the most meaning. When listening to this song it makes me want to just go and ball out, it really does make me feel like I’m on a new level. Future does a good job of using his deep voice and fire bars to add motivating lyrics to this song.

#1 “Juice” Chance the Rapper   

Chance the Rapper’s foolish voice draws attention to this very successful and encouraging toon. “I got the juice, I got the juice,” is the main theme of the song which is referring to being respected heavily by others. Knowing Chance’s come up story, we know that he respected everyone that was with him through his journey and now that he has made it big, he finally has the respect he deserves. This makes me want to be the best at anything I do in hopes that one day I’ll earn the respect of millions of people.

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Top 5 songs to listen to before a game