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Top 5 rock songs

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Top 5 Rock Songs


#5 “Can’t Forget You” by My Darkest Days

The classic love song takes a rock twist with a calm, serious, and heartfelt tone. The song starts slow and only increases during the chorus where the lyrics, “When anybody says your name I wanna run away / I keep remembering I can’t forget you” plays out and adds the depth to the song. You definitely get the sad vibe of the song and feel like you can relate to the pain that the artist is going through. The slow instrumental adds to the heavy hearted vibe and picks up at the perfect time for the chorus.


#4 “Angel” by Theory of a Deadman

The slow, steady beat of this song is mesmerizing.The lyrics and tone is gloomy and sorrowful, and the vocals match well with a low, slow, and calm voice. But the lyrics such as, “I’d go to hell and back with you / Still lost in what we found / Worlds apart we were the same / until we hit the ground” show the grief he’s facing. The instrumentation matches well with how it’s got a repetitiveness to it and maintains the slow and heartsick vibe.


#3 “I Am Machine” by Three Days Grace

The powerful message of this song’s lyrics make this song amazing. The loud and strong chorus makes a mark with the hard instrumental and the vocals match perfectly to get the yelling, intense message across. You get that angry feeling vibe throughout the song that makes you want to feel his anger as well. The song has a powerful start to it with the lyrics, “Here’s to being human / All the pain and suffering / There’s beauty in the bleeding / At least you feel something.” Then the loud, passionate chorus shouts the lyrics, “I am machine / I never sleep / I keep my eyes wide open” which gives the main message across.


#2 “Trenches” by Pop Evil

This song automatically catches your attention with an electric guitar beat that plays throughout the duration of the song. The instrumentation will definitely be stuck in your head forever. The guitar in the chorus is catchy and the vocals fit the song perfectly by pairing with the guitar well. This song has the powerful rock feel to it and the sound puts you in a mood where you just wanna sing and dance everywhere you go. The chorus makes the song perfect with the lyrics, “I’ve waited all my life to get out of the trenches / I’m ready to fight for what I believe you can steal from me / I won’t take this / Gonna fill these trenches and stand up.”


#1 “State of My Head” by Shinedown

The slow, calm, relaxed intro slowly builds and leads to the catchy, intense chorus. The vocals are the prominent aspect of the song and the vocals match the rhythm of the beat. The instrumental during the chorus is the strongest that gives the powerful rock vibe people like. The main message of the song is portrayed in the chorus with the lyrics, “Oh my eyes are seeing red / Double vision from the blood we’ve shed / The only way I’m leavin’ is dead / That’s the state of my, state of my, state of my head.” This song works well for rock fans due to the influential and strong tone.

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Top 5 rock songs