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Dealing with School Start Times

Daniel Rubin, Guest Writer

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We all know that horrible noise that jars us from our sleep before it even turns light outside. The dreaded alarm clock. How many times have you asked yourself why school has to start so early? Quite a few times, I’m guessing. In fact, here is the main reason we do.

Jeff Wilson, the Head of Transportation for Grand Blanc Schools, says the bus schedule is a huge factor in the start times at GBHS.

“Our bus schedule is more unique because of the size [of the district],” Wilson explained. “Since Grand Blanc Schools also pick up kids in Mundy and Atlas, the buses hit the roads earlier, meaning school should start earlier.”

According to Wilson, in smaller districts, it is common for middle and high schoolers to be located in the same campus, but in different buildings. That means the bus schedules are simpler, and school will start later.

On the other hand, many prominent names, like the American Association of Pediatrics. They agree that the teenage brain is not ready for school so early. The AAP believes that high school should not start before 8:30 a.m., as starting earlier leads to higher rates of depression, not being able to concentrate and a higher chance to get into a car crash caused by drowsiness.

“I find myself not being able to concentrate when the teachers are teaching,”  freshman Jaclyn Sellentine said.

In fact, Grand Blanc is not the only school district with this issue. Minneapolis Public Schools changed their early start time and noticed that attendance rose, and it seemed as if their students were also less depressed. “The early start times don’t bother me as much. I think we should keep it because if we shift it to a later point, then our release time would shift too,” freshman Ranveer Ajimal said.

Other places that implemented later start times include Arlington, VA, Seattle, WA, and Denver, CO.

“Sure, it’s hard getting up in the morning, but you get out of school earlier,” freshman Leigha Koskodan said.

Other aspects of student life that would be affected by switched start times include sports, jobs and other commitments.

“The start times are not that bad,” freshman Garrett Shumaker. “We should keep them. I like the schedule. It really doesn’t affect me as much.”

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Dealing with School Start Times